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Are Your Coaches Qualified To Teach Tackling?
  Youth Football Coaches Association strives to "Make Good Coaches- Great Teachers" and now they can be SAFE Teachers!

YFBCA.org is proud to team up with Coach Thurmond Moore's Tacking Academy.

Coach Moore has developed a tackling system that allows coaches to teach tackling in a safe and effective manor.

Coach Moore brings 29 years of coaching experience from UFL, NFL, college and high school football to your local high school and youth programs. 

What are Coaches Saying about the Tackling Academy?

I recently attended a tackling seminar in Regina hosted by Thurmond Moore. Thank you Thurmond for the instruction, as a new coach, it was a real eye opener on the teaching aspect of the game. You really run a top notch camp. Thanks again.- Chris Latimer


This was probably the best tackling training I have attended and believe it is going to help out tremendously with reducing concussions. Coach Moore  did an outstanding job.  Carmen Roda  Director Westport PAL, CT


Coach Moore,

Great clinic on Saturday! I want to instill this program into our youth program and extend it to the High School head coach as well. 

Your right, I could not sleep Saturday night thinking about this program.

Super Thrilled! 

Steve Roccapriore - Coaching Director- DMYFL 


I just wanted to thank Coach Moore for the great camp he put on in San Diego.- Frank Buncom IV


JJ Watt (11th Pick 2011 NFL Draft) on Coach Thurmond Moore:

Coach Moore is extremely knowledgeable.  He is easy to work with and he has taught me a lot about the defensive lineman position and how to transition to the next level. 
I trained with Coach Moore for the last two months and he has given me a lot of tools to work with that I otherwise would not have had.  Coach Moore has helped me get an edge on the competition and I now feel prepared for the NFL.


Your clinic at UBC was a real eye opener.  I have been teaching tackling using some on the same techniques and terminology for 8 years but your teaching pulled the complete tackling technique together in an easy to teach package. Thank you.-Carmine Sorace


If there were a Tackling Academy when my sons were growing up, I would have allowed them to play tackle football. - Ron Aiken, Defensive Line Coach, Arizona Cardinals


If I had this training by the Tackling Academy when I was younger, I would have extended my NFL career and I would have not broken my neck. - Todd McMillon, former Chicago Bear


 Catch the Replay of  Coach Moore's Interview on Red Zone Blog July 27, 2011
Listen to internet radio with Coach Big B on Blog Talk Radio
Questions about Hosting a Tackling Academy!

1. How do I get the entire league of 300+ players coached during the camp?
 - TA can host 2 player camps with each session being 3 hours
For example:
           8- 10 yr old players attend session from 9-11:30 am
          11-13 yr old players attend session from 1-3:30 pm
          High School players attend session from 4:30-6:00 pm

2. Is the TA only for my league/team?
Only if you choose it to be.  Many teams will "host" the Tackling Academy and charge outside organizations to attend.
It then can become a fundraiser for your team.

3. Can we just host a TA coaches clinic?

Yes, but the real benefit for the coaches is seeing the Tackling Academy System taught to a team.
The coaches who attend the TA Coaches Clinic will be on the field applying what they learned in the coaches clinic.

4. How many coaches can attend the coaches clinic?
As many as you want.

5. Can we host a Tackling Academy during the week?

Yes, as most weekends are booked with Coach Moore at Football Univerisity Camps.

    The Tackling Academy takes pride in offering these main ideas:


oEmphasizes all the elements of tackling


oInstruction on how to tackle without pads.


o Will decrease the number of neck injuries


o Will decrease the number of missed tackles

 Upcoming Tackling Academy Events

Clinics Are Free of Charge Thanks to Football University



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